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Our state-of-the-art check imaging system brings you the very best combination of features and convenience. Now, instead of a haphazard bundle of canceled checks, you'll get crisp, digital images of your checks, in our enhanced statement format.





  • * The images of your checks are already in check number order, so you won't have to waste time sorting and filing them.
  • * The posting dates and posting amounts are printed below each check, so you don't have to spend time matching them to your statement .
  • * The statement's pages are streamlined and modern, so they're easier to read, and faster to balance.
  • * Both the statements and the check images are printed on pre-punched paper, so you can store them neatly in a binder. We even have free binders for your convenience, so you can retire that old shoebox forever.
  • * View both statements and check images online through our online banking system.


Of, course, we'll still be keeping permanent copies of your checks here at First National Bank, just as we always have. With our new check imaging system, we'll be able to respond to your research requests faster than ever. We can even fax copies directly to your fax machine.